Comment to Troy Marshall at BEEF magazine

This is what I said in relation to Troy’s article about the fiasco. This magazine does a great job informing on a wide range of beef industry interests. And my comments there generate the most traffic for this blog. The people at BEEF deserve my thanks. Troy’s article is linked to below.

“Perhaps if the constitution had mandatory minimum jail terms for elected officials who violated their oath of office, we wouldn’t be in this mess. If that were the case elections would be so unimportant that we could concentrate of productive pursuits instead of this soap opera.
Government employees now are drawn from a pool of electable pawns and stooges, not principled long term thinkers. It would take great self sacrifice for a decent executive to run for public office. So we get what we have today. The con artists are ruling the productive class and we are all tied up watching to see which low-life will arbitrarily destroy our livelihoods next.
What is not seen is the potential that rests in a capitalistic system that never existed but gets the blame for all our troubles.”

Here is Troy Marshall’s article:

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