We had the Hoedown tonight. A jam session for old time country and gospel musicians at the theater in Hampton. Dawn sings solos and harmonies and plays guitar with these people. There is a broad range of talent but one thing is clear, they do it.

I’ve seen Merle Haggard 4 times. The first in Spokane at the new brand opera house. It was a government building and the sound was disgusting. Everyone shoulda got up and demanded their money back.At the Surf Ballroom it was a different story. Intimate, not too loud and… The Strangers. Well, we got in the car to come home and this was on the radio. I decided it represented the live Merle Haggard I was so fortunate to hear three times. The last time, his son played lead guitar. How blessed Merle must have felt to have him in the band. Definitely not a time for hooting and hollering that is way to prevalent at music venues nowadays. Hey! Listen. Some smooth picking here:


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