Critical thinking

I humbly accept the charge that I use “critical thinking” from an emailer. Another on my email list requested to be removed because I called Edward Snowden an American hero. He claimed he was a traitor for revealing our government’s blatant disregard for Amendment 4. Now Wikileaks has exposed the Democratic Party’s shenanigans to hand the presidential nomination to Hitlery, socialist Sanders’ efforts be damned.

I haven’t been glued to the BS at the conventions because that is what it is. As long as there is general agreement that the Constitution is (as GW said) “just a damn piece of paper,” it makes no difference who is King (or Queen) because an employee that disregards their job description, which is what the Boobwahzee want, has no place getting my attention.

My attention is best spent watching the swallows by day and bats by night, not criminals ruling sheep.

One response to “Critical thinking

  1. In last night’s speeches in support of Crooked Hillary, Obama referred to himself 119 times. Talk about self-worship. I’m surprised his speech writers could drum-up 119 reasons for patting himself on the back.

    But Trump stole the story the last two days with his brilliant tactic of suggesting Russia try to find Crooked Hillary’s 33,000 dumped emails. Trump hijacked the progressive news media quite effectively. They made fools of themselves with the Trump name-calling and castigation.

    The emails and server are no longer there. So there would be nothing to hack. The media knows this. And Crooked Hillary’s campaign extension known as the establishment media — don’t you believe that the 33,000 emails dumped by Crooked Hillary only contained recipes, yoga information, Chelsea’s wedding plan details and conversations with Bill, her husband? Is that not true? And if it is true, then wasn’t Trump just being facetious or sarcastic with his comment?

    Plus, I thought all of the 33,000 emails were concerned only with
    And the media blames Trump for hacking into “State Department emails.” Really? I thought Trump referred to Crooked Hillary’s private, and illegal, server that wasn’t supposed to contain any State Department sensitive information. Trump didn’t suggest that Putin tap into the U.S. State Department. And which is it, she illegally had high-classification info on her server or she didn’t? The FBI seems to think she did and that she showed “extreme carelessness” and bad judgement.

    In my opinion, it’s the media that made fools of themselves over this magnificent tactic by Trump. Of course, the true-blue Crooked Hillary supporters won’t be swayed from believing that Trump is a treasonous evil white guy, but who cares? Those useful idiots wouldn’t change their vote if Crooked Hillary was caught with a chainsaw in her hands and cutting-off the head of Mother Theresa (and I know, Mother Theresa is already dead, but still . . .).

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