There’s no time but I’ll just pass on what, scholar, Thomas DiLorenzo has to say about the other crooked party on Lew’s blog:

Why is Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz Not Charged with a Crime?

The Obama “justice” (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!) department sent Dinesh D’Souza to prison for giving a few thousand bucks to a friend who used the money to make a donation to a political candidate.  That kind of thing corrupts the democratic process, they said. Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz and her fellow feminist gal pals at the DNC orchestrated the rigging of the entire primary election process, and there’s no talk at all of whether or not that is legal.

12:48 pm on July 25, 2016

And Bernie bends over and endorses Hitlery. This makes South America look like the private sector.

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