Martin Luther King Junior

Here he is wearing a badge of honor:

The trouble with this quote is the definition of evil. It should be an easy one, such as a violation of the space of our fellow humans. But now the very people who claim to be devoted to the ideas of King think our space is not our own; that we no longer may keep what we earn. And this is in the name of “social justice.” But I’ll toss this out there anyway:

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it.”

Kinda goes along with the real famous one about being judged by the content of character rather than skin color. But what gets me is the apathy as our ship sinks and the surprise that will occur when we hit bottom.

One response to “Martin Luther King Junior

  1. When the “ship sinks,” there will be no surprise. As long as the government and the government tool of the establishment media invent a straw-man to blame, the people will remain happy and content in their misery, and the apathy will continue. The Western European ethnicity of our U.S. population is rapidly being replaced by intellectually vacant, third world parasites who couldn’t form a cogent thought or idea if affirmative action allowed them all to become Rhodes Scholars.

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