My Own Random Thoughts… NPR

Chopping grass silage takes some concentration as I try to keep the machine full to optimize efficiency. I can still listen to the radio and I’m seldom shocked anymore.

They were talking about the Supremes overturning the Texas abortion regs that made it “necessary” to travel over 100 miles to receive reproductive healthcare. No kidding. That’s what they said.

Tonight Dawn and I started a movie (The Good Lie) about Sudanese children walking hundreds of miles fleeing war, their parents murdered by heroes, as we call them nowadays. One kid died of thirst, another died of disease, another was conscripted, another was gunned down by the heroes. We got sleepy and that is where we left it ’till later. It all seemed just happenstance. Circumstance. Chance.

But in Texas these women were cheering like they won the lotto at the news of the court decision, I mean hysterically.

As part of the NPR story I heard this, “Death results 14 times more often from childbirth than from abortion.” Sudan is way more civilized than the studios of NPR.

The Texas law was obviously an attempt to circumvent Roe v Wade. It didn’t work. Since Brett mentioned Lincoln and Brexit (the other big news item of the day that never had a single thing describing why but just uncertainty. Bank stocks down 3% to 16% still doesn’t come close to justice considering years of inflationary government policies and fractional reserve banking), it got me thinking of Texit.

The reason for a union of independent states is to enable competition between the states which would provide freedom to find your niche and progress through growth in states that have constructive policies.

Would you like to live in a state that allows mothers to murder their children?

One response to “My Own Random Thoughts… NPR

  1. What are you talking about? Where have you been. As an Iowan, you DO live in a state that allows mothers to abort their pregnancies, thank goodness, because it needs to be an option. Some things are just none of your business.

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