Revealing Quote

Max Boot,  “American might to promote American ideals,” shows just how the neo-con mind works when he said, last week, “There is no reason why the American public should be able to purchase military style semiautomatic weapons such as the AR-15.” The shooter in Orlando used a Sig Sauer MCX, not an AR-15. Max must have been influenced by his repetitive reading of Huffpo and other leftist sites that form his opinions for him.

Anyone with a brain can see how there is no difference between Killery and Max and all the other jerk-heads who think American citizens should be on the hook for world domination at any cost. So get over it, Republicans. Killing a million people in Iraq, plainly to line the pockets of defense (hahahaha) contractors was an evil thing to do. Wave your flags and crosses all you want. It won’t change things. Conservatives claiming to be pro life are as big a hypocrite as there is. Life outside the womb is also sacred. Terror can fall from the sky. Terrorists who perform their evil deeds from containers in Nevada, then go home to their unharmed wives and children are, many times over, bigger cowards than crazy Muslims who do their attacks face to face.

Killery, Max, Dick, GW and all the rest believe, like the liberals they denounce, that they are a special breed, more qualified than their lessors to make decisions that affect others. A common thread. Bring back the guillotine.

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