Guns and Drugs

The headline read: “Fentanyl killed Prince.”

Such is the pure BS of our political climate. What we need is climate change.

This headline would suggest that Fentanyl jumped up out of a vile or pill bottle and made its way into Prince, the same way that handgun jumped up and shot somebody. If you favor the drug war then you favor gun control… using that logic.

This subject hits home with me right now because I strained my back working on a tractor yesterday. My doctor had said, years ago, that ibuprofen and valium would slow the inflammation and stop the muscle spasms that perpetuate the pain and inhibit healing. My perscription for valium ran out and the doctor couldn’t renew it without “seeing” me. He’s an hour away and costs an awful lot of money.

My back hurts like hell but not enough to put my work aside for half a day just to comply with a bunch of rules that have done nothing more than create a society of irresponsible dopes.

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