Letter to Linda Upmeyer, who is our statehouse rep and Speaker of the Iowa House


I recycled the paper so will have to write this without referring to your opinion piece on opioid death/addiction.
I remember when Jim Zabel tried doing a non-sports talk show. He had a bunch of cops as guests talking about legalizing drugs. They went on about what a ridiculous idea it was. There was a study done back in the 70s that showed Chicago could lay off 80% of their law enforcement personnel if drugs were legalized. I don’t know if that included the corrections industry. Get the connection? What if their discussion included recovering addicts or widows and orphans instead of just the profiteers?
I’m not going to go into detail of my own experiences, acquaintances and such. But I remember you speaking of treatment and recovery. Can you name a recovering addict who quit because of lack of product? Or did all these people who, I assume you’ve questioned as a way to research your position, make up their own minds to improve their lives by just saying no?
On the overdose problem, why do people OD? Is it because the product is sold outside legal channels and there is no way to establish the quality?
After 80 years of totalitarian nitwits sticking their noses into the private lives of people who are not their concern and making things worse, isn’t it time to return responsibility to the people who should bear it instead of sending the bill to those who have always, or have learned to act responsibly?
Thanks for your consideration. Fritz

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