election metaphor series

I’ve been a little preoccupied and ignored the blog now for a week. Had the occasion of going through a TSA screening. If I thought it would do any good, I’da been terrified. But terror is no longer defined that way. Now it is simply a word used to confiscate more funds of productive people for use by the others (TSA, US military, and other worthless bureaucrats and tools).

Anyway, I held my antacids in my hand as the guy with the creative haircut OK’d my passage. There had to be 300 people there, waiting with their backpacks and other carrion to be judged worthy. The question never seemed to occur to anyone, “why the hell would a terrorist wait in a line like this in order to blow up an airplane, when there are more people to blow up right here?”

No. I’m not afraid of introducing a great idea to some nut by writing this. The fact is the actual terrorists are as rare as hen’s teeth. And if it weren’t for our invasion of their world they would be rarer than that. Also, if each company and individual were responsible for their own safety instead of harboring the insane belief that a bunch of government goons would do a better job, 9/11 and many other incidents may not have been so intense or happened at all.

Anyway (again), the news seems to indicate a presidential election would have an effect on our lifestyles. So to go along to get along I will find metaphors for our election and the choices we are allowed to make and post them here until I get tired of it. The first one comes from the movie Five Easy Pieces. I think it might have been the first time I witnessed Jack Nicholson. Search YouTube on your own to hear Merle Haggard. There was no way I could pick something of his to post here. This old hippy is in mourning at the passing of a guy who did a great job putting life into song.

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