Terror in Europe

The War Street Journal reports a terror network has killed more than 160 people in Europe’s capitals in the last four months. For those keeping track, we are still way ahead (The technology we have beats theirs unless we give it all away). It’s just that we don’t have a book commanding us to commit these atrocious acts. We have a document that attempts to make it more difficult. I wouldn’t doubt the authors of that document had an extremely enlightened way of looking at consequences, that is totally lacking with the current crop of death tools in charge today. I’m not optimistic about an end to this trend until a large mass of people are personally affected such as happened in the Vietnam days. It took the acquaintances of 58,000 victims in those days. But those were on TV and mostly appeared as open spaces at class reunions and church services. The world is now a video game. Would our economy collapse without “our” protection of dependent “allies” all over the world, or would it flourish?

2 responses to “Terror in Europe

  1. Where is the outpouring of grief and concern for the innocents killed bu U.S. drone attacks??

    All the polls and the Media hacks assume absolutely that our economic strangling of nations like Iraq and our invasions and wide-spread destruction of these nations never lead to acts of self-defense and revenge on the part of Muslims. It’s absolutely insane. The U.S., in concert with Western Europe’s nations, keep attacking Muslims more and more in vastly murderous ways and then our citizenry keep being shocked that a few Muslims counterattack in Europe or the U.S., so they do more of the same warring and we get a few more desperate attacks by suicide bombers. This is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen, but they keep pretending that only totally evil and insane people counterattack you when you first attack and kill and maim hundreds of thousands of them. Not a single candidate for the 2016 presidential election wants to stop this insanity. Is it me who’s crazy??

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