Moron the terror in Brussels later

…But first this. As an eleven year old in Santa Monica I could have looked in the phone book and gone to visit Stan Laurel. And to think seeing Ronald Reagan was a big deal.

 times have changed.. From a 1961 West L.A./Santa Monica Telephone Book.
  You could look up and find Stan Laurel’s address and telephone number. via The Silent Film Group

The EX was for Exbrook.

3 responses to “Moron the terror in Brussels later

    • Or maybe “mourn?” It seems like Iran with boots on the ground in Syria has been a given, as an ally of “ours.” A difficult situation for the purveyors of perpetual war. Seems weird we would ever run out of enemies. There was a time when all the countries of the world wanted us as friends. Then is it hard to be a bully, or easy?

      On the classified clipping; we lived a block away from famous driver, Phil Hill. As little kids we would go over and watch him polish his Bugatti and Pierce Arrow.

      On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 9:44 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


      • Without perpetual war, there would be no need for defense contractors — those that help finance political campaigns. Also, no defense contractors would eliminate high-pay positions in the industry and available to those politicians who have toed the line in directing government spending. It would leave only Wall Street and the Israeli lobbies from which to draw significant political campaign contributions. Not to mention taking away about 80% of the empty rhetoric spewed by our representatives and fawned-over by the media.

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