No Need for a False Flag Today

Big terrorist attacks in Brussels. In an airport. What I always thought would come eventually. Back people up in a line waiting to die instead of letting them flow sporadically through. The war on terror will continue to be an economic development project based on petty crime with the cost borne by our freedom and assorted collateral damage. Upstream lies Saudi Arabia, Israel and the defense (sic) industry.

So I found this picture of a popular villain as a diversion from our concerns:


4 responses to “No Need for a False Flag Today

  1. After solid defeat by Russia and Assad Army in Syria, ISIS claim of Brussels’ attack responsibility is effort to convince everybody that it is still relevant.

    • Did the Iranians have some part in ISIS’s defeat in Syria as well?

      On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 7:42 PM, Fritz Groszkruger wrote:

      > Good point. Might save some money and lives but that knowledge won’t make > anybody any money, will it? > > On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 5:23 PM, alternativebyfritz> wrote: > >>

      • That’s the narrative developed by the State Department and the media. Not actual Iranian boots on the ground, but fighting personnel from Hezbollah (a euphemism for Iran). But who knows? The meme promulgated by Israel and U.S. politicos funded by Israeli lobbies (that is, all of those politicos) must maintain Iran as the single biggest evil in the world, a nation that wants to sacrifice itself on the alter of nuclear warfare. What nonsense!

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