In the Weekend War Street Journal was a book review, “Hair, A Human History.” It was pretty interesting but this one thing stuck out because of the advent of a socialist running for president. This, in itself is no big deal. Can you remember when there was not a socialist running for president?

It was revealed that a strand of Che Guevara’s hair sold at auction for $119,500. I remember watching 10,000 bicycles go through our neighborhood during RAGBRAI. Cheater Lance Armstrong was riding along with cheater John Edwards. I intended to visit with John about the use of the spare bedrooms in his mansion to house the homeless. I wondered if it had occurred to him how helpful it would be in contributing to his desire to lift up the people left behind by our mythical capitalist society. The blur of Spandex apparently clouded my vision. I couldn’t pick him out, Lance either. There were some pretty cute chicks on the ride so maybe my timing was off.

Oh, the hair. Doesn’t it seem like if Che Guevara’s hair was so important and his cause was so benevolent, $119,500 could have been spent on Sterno and canned chili or clean needles?

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