Environmentalism Explained

Ok; Terry Branstad, Steve King and Warren Buffet. Watch this and watch it over and over. Your agenda is control. You should know better than to try to control the world from the top down when you know darn well the market is a million times smarter than you. Buffet, at least knows he is merely ripping off taxpayers with these atrocious bird killers and providers of inefficient electrical power generation. This one video is heartbreaking but multiply it by thousands and it is numbing, like the collateral damage in the Middle East. If you knew that shopkeeper or teacher blown to bits by a US drone it would haunt you for a long time. But in the leftist tradition, the ends justify the means, a cost for the common good. Especially Steve King, despised by “the left” for being a heartless conservative is exposed as just another big government fascist by his support for “alternative energy.” Just about makes me want to change the name of this blog.

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