WSJ letter on Jeb’s Questioning Trump’s Morals

Dear Editor,

It has really come to this? “Bush Attacks Trump Over His Morals.” (February 13-14 Journal)

How dare Jeb Bush, referring to his brother in comparison, question Donald Trump’s morals?

Trump made the ultimate understatement in describing G.W.’s Iraq policy as “destabilizing.” There are hundreds of thousands dead including thousands of fine American servicemen, infrastructure destroyed, survivor’s lives ruined and trillions of dollars diverted from productive use by Jeb’s brother’s messianic adventures. George W. Bush’s wearing a suit into the Oval Office doesn’t change that.

I’ll take a president with some principled respect for human life and a few character flaws any day over one who squanders American lives and treasure while pretending to be a gentleman.

Fritz Groszkruger

1820 Warbler Ave.

Dumont, IA 50625


Could This Be the End of Trump?


He says our invasion of Iraq was a mistake and destabilized the Middle East. In  Warpublican primary season the dumbest thing to do is to say a war was wrong. An already excited Republican establishment is now so full of hate for the truth-teller, I can’t find any line they won’t cross to keep Trump out of a position of power. Trump is doomed.

Letter to WSJ on Trump, Trade and Wealth

Dearest Editor,

Daniel Henninger makes great points on the wishful thinking/anger that is the basis for Trump’s support (Trump Among the Canaries, Feb. 11 Journal).

Since this election is all about pure BS anyway; what if we allow consumers to trade freely with China, Mexico and Japan AND keep their $400 billion the politicians want to waste on the F-35 project? That would equate to over $900 billion kept in the private sector that actually makes our economy work.

Only a start, I know. But of all the stimulus available nothing works better than nothing at all.


Fritz Groszkruger