A Forward

I just had to post a forward on this blog. It might be cheap and lazy but then at least I can fit in. Dawn came home wondering what is going on with the non-commitment of people in her choir. Poor attendance at practice has become the norm. A comment was heard, “maybe they should not be scheduled at the same time as the basketball games.” Goes right along with, “I like Bernie.” Really. A vote based on nothing but a desire for free stuff. Infantile. Oh yeah, here is the FW:

The Washington Redskins finally drops offensive name!

Dan Snyder, owner of the NFL Redskins, has announced that the team is dropping “Washington” from the team name, and it will henceforth be simply known as “The Redskins.”  

 It was reported that he finds the word ‘Washington’ imparts a negative image of poor leadership, mismanagement, corruption, cheating, lying, and graft, and is not a fitting role-model for the young fans of football.


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