Volcano II

Well. We got that Golf Sportwagen we were hoping for. A diesel with a six speed manual. We had to travel to Illinois for a funeral. (Another sad case of the son of elderly parents departing before his folks. Mike truly was a beautiful person and will be missed by many. One of the best reasons my marriage is perfect is the quality of my in laws. I can’t get enough of them but only seem to see them at funerals. We vowed today to change that.)

Anyway. When the salesman delivered the car we stood in a closed garage for 15 minutes with the motor running while he explained the features of the car, as if I could remember 10%. Guess what? There was absolutely no diesel exhaust smell after all that time. And with the cruise set at 75 to 79mph over 400 miles that thing got over 50 miles per gallon. On Hwy 3, a rolling two lane, passing was a piece of cake

Anecdotal evidence, I know. But VW has created a masterpiece and the EPA has shot it down. What would you do with the money you’d save with a car that goes twice as far on a gallon of fuel?

Do you want to see pollution?

Go here:  http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2015/12/2015-the-year-in-volcanic-activity/420756/

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