Marco and Ted Are Not Good Neighbors

Rubio and Cruz both criticize Ohbombya on his planned trip to Cuba. What are they so afraid of if they truly believe in free markets or any freedom at all? In the long term (these guys should look that up) our influence on the world has been by example, as people discovered how competition and voluntary exchange has improved lives worldwide. Shoot. The rich folks in third world countries are now almost as well off as the poor people here. And as our freedom has dwindled, our “middle class” has more and more resembled the rich in the third world.

Our influence as an aggressor has not worked out so well. Being friendly (but vigilant) is productive on a personal level and should serve as an example for political relationships.

Cuba, having been isolated from the US has not made any progress, while other communist countries have. China is not a small deal. But then, in their severe warvanglical generosity, Rubio and Cruz prolly see prosperity in China as a bad thing; in much the same way that Bernie and Hillary see rich people here as exploitive rather than providing opportunity to those they employ or purchase supplies from.

Cruz, Rubio, Sanders, Clinton. Four good reasons not to vote.

One response to “Marco and Ted Are Not Good Neighbors

  1. Like most all those running for political office today (Trump might be the exception) I’m quite sure Rubio and Cruz have “Focus Grouped” whether America approves or disapproves of relations with Cuba. And what they found (surprise!, surprise!) is feedback representing decades of media and politician conditioning of the people to believe that Cuba represents only evil. These guys, as do most politicians, feed the American people exactly the viewpoints their focus groups have provided and on any subject, no matter if the candidate believes differently or will support legislation that expresses the opposing point of view. With all of the GOP candidates (exception might be Trump, we shall possibly see), we will get the identical type of government we’ve had for the last 20+years. Please tell me, Senators Rubio and Cruz, what policy or change of any significance have the Conservatives delivered in the last 25+years???

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