Sums It Up Pretty Well

If this is the Jack Kelley I know in Hansell I’m gonna give him a big sloppy kiss. (Well I’m not so sure about that) The part of this I’d question is Bush’s motive to increase the world oil supply. He would only benefit if it was his oil. Otherwise he would lose on the decreased price. I think Bush’s motive was egalitarian combined with profit for other enterprises that benefit from war. Ask Eisenhower.
Jack Kelley
2/16/2016 6:56 PM CST
Of course people, presidents included, make mistakes. But W took this country to war against the wrong country and in the face of millions of people in this country and around the world telling him exactly what would happen if he did. And what we were all trying to warn him about is exactly what did happen. This was not a mistake, this was a rock headed move against all the evidence and contrary to all good sense.

I can even find an excuse for LBJ’s senseless escalation in Vietnam, a sincerely held belief that communism was spreading and had to be defeated. There is no such excuse for W. He invaded Iraq in an irrational attempt to increase the world oil supply. That was a cynical and unforgivable misuse of the American military.

Today the situation is only different in that it is predictably worse than it would have been had we done nothing. Clinton on one side, and the entire GOP on the other, not to mention the WAPO board, is continuing to flirt with another ME military adventure. Review the Powell doctrine and tell me what possible achievable and meritorious goal there is for our military in the ME. “But we gotta do something” is not a rationale for putting any American service person in harm’s way again.

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