Trump Carson Cruz

So Ted Cruz’s workers supposedly spread a rumor that Ben Carson was quitting the race so Ben’s voters would jump to Cruz. Well it makes sense because there isn’t a whit of difference between these guys. (Oops. If this were NPR race would be an issue.) They are both warvanglicals, valuing unborn life over humans outside the womb. Just listen to how they picture colateral damage to our war in the Middle East (against people inspired by us and not anymore a threat to us than a common criminal looking to stoke a drug habit. Certainly not a justification for the trillion dollar bs we call the war on terror. Now the war on ISIS because terror got tired). Not much different from the pro-abortion crowd’s  ideas on the products of a “terminated pregnancy.” Come on, tell me the difference.

These politicians have so little regard for life, why would they care about some trivial little rumor that they know will be forgotten and whose end justified the means. Actually, that qualifies them both as leftists doesn’t it? Make the sand glow. Good Lord, help us.

Trump. meanwhile is calling for a revote because of it. This goofball says Cruz said he was for Obamacare. How outrageous. Although Trump just last week said “we” need to help. Well then. What is Obamacare? Help, right?

Besides all that, who in his right mind would vote for a 35% increase in cost, to every American, of any imported good?

One response to “Trump Carson Cruz

  1. Iowa Republican voters go for Cruz!!?? I really thought Iowans would bring a more sensible level of rational thinking to the caucus process. The caucus is the best way to exchange differing viewpoints and present intelligent reflection of issue positions. But hey . . . I guess Iowans were all about validating Obama’s statement that mid-Westerners are bitter folks who cling to their bibles and guns. Cruz appeals to these deep thinkers as he speaks frequently of the bible and of God and embraces the neocon viewpoint of expansion of American imperialism. He wants to carpet bomb the Middle East (except for Israel, of course, his second biggest campaign donor behind Goldman Sachs). Let’s see if he employs his God-speeches and carpet-bombing rhetoric in New Hampshire. Bet not.

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