Yesterday on NPR

Five-month-old Ronan Amador rides in a carrier with his mother, Elizabeth Mahoney, during a Planned Parenthood rally on the steps of the Texas Capitol on March 7, 2013, in Austin.

I was listening to All Things Considered and there was a gal featured who was having trouble with women’s health issues. Apparently Planned Parenthood is under attack in Midland, Texas. This girl had “met a boy.” And she had decided to become “sexually active for the first time.” But there was a problem. “Family planning” was hard to come by. She had to travel (can’t remember how far but the spark had time to cool at such a distance) for her sex tools. Wow. so the story was about the great hardship she suffered because I’m not furnishing the tools for her to get laid without consequence. Oh jeeze. Hey! If you don’t want an unplanned pregnancy figure it out.

The weird thing about this is the condemnation this person would, undoubtedly receive from people who favor wiping out multitudes of innocent bystanders to get a few deranged jihadists… thereby recruiting more jihadists, BTW.

Haven’t heard the term, “values voters” bandied about so much this time around. Have we given up?

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