Have I told you lately that I love you?

Bob Dorr played this on his Beatles Medley show Sunday night and it really caught my ear. BTW, if you are free Sundays at 6:30, It’s IPR in Iowa. You won’t regret it.

My sweetie and her band do this song and Annie and Terri do it too. Ringo’s version is arranged by Elmer Bernstein, famous for so many movie soundtracks.

Besides this being a great version of the song it reminded me of a story.

Terry and brother Dawson were packing up after a gig with Dawnie (my sweetie). Dawson said to Dawn, “I’ve got a song we should learn.” Dawn says, “what?” Dawson says, “Have I told you lately that I love you?”

His mic was on. Heehee. Terry says, “Hey could you guys talk about this somewhere else?” (or something like that) Then it happened again. No kidding. Again.

Those open mic moments are precious, eh? Like the one that happened recently when, German leader, Angela Merkel, told Mark Zuckerberg to have Facebook censor comments that might portray Middle Eastern migrants in a bad light after the rapeugee New Years celebration in Cologne. Dawson’s open mic was more fun, but Merkel’s more revealing, er… damning.

At a loss to find real news. BTW, the video of Merkel telling Zuckerberg to censor “racist content has been taken down from YouTube.

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