Letter to Pop. Mech.on Ezra Dyer




(You’ll have to see the magazine yourself. They don’t post articles online before the next issue comes out.)

I agree with Ezra Dyer that VW broke rules. (Is Diesel Dead? Feb 2016 P.M.)

Let’s go on from there. I left a Los Angeles basin full of smog in 1969, as soon as I graduated from high school. The smog was just one reason I left that environmental and moral wasteland.

Here in Iowa we’d like a car that gets 50MPG and can easily pass on rolling two lanes. But we are stuck with buying 30% more fuel to get around so some politicians can create the illusion they are “doing something.”

This is a perfect example why this country was intended to be an organization of independent states.

Ezra Dyer’s moral superiority should dictate he convert his diesel Bronco to EV.


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