… of language, that is.

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I thought my hearing was bad, but. A Social Security number is now a Social. A town hall meeting is now a town hall. Shoot, I just put an old Hendrix record on and can’t remember the other example so I’ll go on with the point. Oh, here it is. A state of the union address is now a State of the Union.

I can accept the three examples above the same as I can accept not ever wearing a necktie. Dad, he loved neckties, conservative ones. He was pretty dapper. I look at neckties as similar to smoking and shaving. How much more time would we have throughout our lifetime if we never shaved or smoked or tied a tie?

As we age time goes faster. Its rarity makes it more valuable, like the one Cardinal we have hanging around our feeders. He is so bright against the winter landscape, like a little piece of the Land of OZ. The sparrows are appreciated for the patterns they make in the sky when they are startled, but not on their own.

The change, or evolution of language makes me think of the term, “our freedoms.” What a joke it is that $3 trillion of our hard earned money has been taken for a war  on terror that is nearly entirely made up to feed the death and destruction industry. And then our evolved language is used to insert “our freedoms” into every complaint about our so-called enemies, even though it is the war machine we finance, we bow down too, we get teary eyed over as they fly their million dollar jets over college football games that has taken our freedoms.

Need I explain? OK. That $3 trillion as money, represents the value of our time. Our time is a measurement as well. A measurement of our freedom. We contribute a portion of our lives to serving others as an exchange for the time we have to do as we please for ourselves. The people we exchange that time with have done the same thing.

I had to turn off the radio yesterday as I chored in the tractor. Simon Conway was going on and on with Rick Perry, about our sailors being captured off the coast of Iran. “It was an act of war!” Well shoot, it takes one to know one. It was their coast, not ours. Iran didn’t take away our freedom, our guys did. They didn’t buy the plane tickets themselves, right? They didn’t buy all their fancy outfits and gear themselves, right? They didn’t put in their time there while on vacation, right? The expense for all that represents the loss of our freedoms that the nationalist pawns of the military / industrial complex are squandering over there. If it benefits anyone, it benefits the radical jihadists and the war profiteers, not us.

The term freedom has evolved to mean snake oil.


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  1. We don’t agree on much, Fritz, but we absolutely agree on the farce of the wars the USA has been involved in in the past….several decades at least. I have to bite my tongue all the time for those who state anything about thanking the veterans or enlisted folks for “defending our freedoms”, because it’s crap. There’s not a damned thing going on in the Middle East that has anything to do with freedoms.

    This goes along with raising servicemembers to god-like status for voluntarily choosing a profession that involves a great amount of risk. Call me unpatriotic, but whoop-de-doo that your son chose to be a Marine and got sent overseas to shoot brown people. My great uncle volunteered to fight in WWII and did 32 missions as a tailgunner — THAT man is a hero, not Joe Smith whose best option was enlisting to keep him out of trouble.

    I’m so tired of the war machine and funding it.

    • Your comment that we don’t agree on much brings up the idea of the strange disconnect between liberals wanting intrusive government domestically but isolationist government in the world. Conservatives (arguably) want limited government domestically and intrusive government globally. These statements are extremely generalized but anyone who believes in limited government is marginalized by both sides. Where’s Ron Paul in this election? The idea of liberty and personal responsibility is seldom thought of as sane.War is aggression and the welfare state is the same thing. The welfare state is advocated by people who do not believe themselves to be kind and generous. so they think everyone must be forced to be so at the point of a gun.

      Your description of the nationalistic / militaristic direction of this country is eloquent and should be shouted from the rooftops. Unfortunately we still value our friendships with delusional fascists. This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast. http://www.avast.com

      On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 12:17 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


      • It’s true, I’m decidedly in the camp of, “If our government ought to be good for anything, it ought to be good for its own people”, as such — but I’m under no delusion that our particular way of live in the USofA is by any means the “correct” way or the “only” way to live and structure a country, culture, and civilization in the world, and there’s plenty of issues with the way we do things, but as with most situations, the right tool for the right job. Capitalism isn’t a great system but it works better here than other ones for the moment.

        “The welfare state is advocated by people who do not believe themselves to be kind and generous.” — to some extent, this is true. Rather, I do not believe that the population in general is kind enough and generous enough to cover and provide for those of us who are unfortunate or need assistance to get a leg up in the world. Call me a cynic, but I pretty firmly believe that if you took away all the welfare programs, you’d see mass homelessness, starvation, and sickness rampage across the country with few hands arising to assist.

        Perhaps that IS a personal reflection on myself; I’m not sure. I do distrust most charity and rarely give because I usually don’t believe that my contributions reach those who actually need it or do the work that’s purportedly being done. I’m very choosey and picky. And perhaps part of that is the fact that I don’t believe if I was in desperate state that I would have many people come to my aid; in fact, I’m pretty sure I’d be left out in the cold, so perhaps I project that on others.

        This all being said, I’m not in any sense caucusing for rampant, widespread welfare. I was raised with a work-hard-get-ahead mentality and both sides of my family are farmer-bred stock that believes that a good day is one in which you busted ass and got something done. I don’t believe that sentiment is completely universal in today’s economy — hard work doesn’t always pay off, and laziness doesn’t always result in destitution. I know plenty who have gotten where they were because of sheer luck or knowing the right people or being in the right place at a fortunate time, and plenty who work themselves to the bone for little. BUT, by and large, you can do well for yourself by putting your head to the grind and hammering it out, and if nothing else, hard work breeds a better character and human than the alternative.

        I “get” your idea of personal liberty and responsibility and the resultant viewpoint that government should be as minimal as possible to allow the individual to control their own destiny and rise or fall upon their own laurels. I think it’s an Ideal. I also think it’s unreachable given the current status of things and the sheer amount of upheaval that would be required to get to the ideal state — it’d almost require the entire annihilation of the State and a rebuilding from scratch to get back to that ideal self-liberty situation, I think.

        So, I guess my eternal question to all Libertarian thinkers is: Given the current state of things and the sheer complexity of it all, and the likely huge upheaval required to get to the ideal libertarian status, what can we do NOW to try to at least rationally and politically shift ourselves in that direction without calling the entire country a bust and hitting the reset button?

      • Yeah.It is really like the screw-ups in DC who have very effectively recruited thousands of Muslin extremists by bombing their neighbors. We didn’t even have such a problem before we (“we” haha) needed a revenue stream because the soviet Union failed. The same can easily be said of the welfare state breeding dependent societies. Pre 1964 there was no difference in scholastic achievement between races. Then victimhood replaced personal initiative as a tool for advancement.

        We already know all that so on to a solution. Reagan did not bring down the Soviet Union with his arms race, as much as the arms industry and their shills would want us to believe. The system, democratic socialism did what was inevitable. Just like you believe people are not generally willing to give a hand to the down and out, Soviet citizens learned that work was not necessary if they had the state.

        So I really think we are screwed no matter what. An attempt was made to do as you speculated, The Free State Project. A vote was held by members as to where they wpould all move and vote in libertarian policy. The plan was for libertarians to move to a state that was most likely to be converted (small population, libertarian leaning tax laws, less regulation ect.) New Hampshire was chosen. The trouble was that the people most needed for such a project were already established and prosperous where they lived and so they didn’t want to move. The ones most likely to move would be doing it foe a handout, not for freedom.

        An idea I had back when I ran for office was to sell federal land and use the proceeds as a one time payment to give dependent people a start with the stipulation their would be no more coming. But I suppose that would be hard-hearted and dismissed as nutty.

        Eventually the doers will not be able to keep up with the takers and the bloodbath you mention will be here. This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast. http://www.avast.com

        On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 9:52 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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