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Oh man, are we excited? We’ve got a pretty good chance at winning $1.3 billion. Just a two dollar investment and we are in baby.

I’m not doing it, however. Two bucks buys two tamalitos in downtown Hampton. 260,000,000 to one is just shy of my risk threshold.

I like the idea of the Lotto, though. Making stupid people pay for the stupid things the government does seems quite appropriate. After-all, it certainly doesn’t do much for me. Love the roads. That’s about it.

As far as the income disparity we hear so much about? This couldn’t help much, but whose fault is that?  The whole idea of gaining wealth has been demonized if it involves exchanging hard work or good ideas for a little cash from someone who needs those good ideas or hard work. It is really a lot more fun to complain about rich folks and lobby for their money than to mow their lawn or build their cars.

Lotto is less than the NBA or MLB, though. Those things do take some work. It’s the ods that are about the same.



One response to “Powerball

  1. I spent a buck on it, which will be one of maybe $10 I spend a year on such things, just for a bit of fun. At that rate, I figure I’m not wasting any more dollars than when I buy a pop at the store, and it gives me a bit of useless amusement. But you’ll never catch me relying upon such awful odds for a good retirement. 🙂

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