Unhappy New Year, Germany

So, in Germany the natives are shocked to discover the Middle Eastern hoards confuse celebration with rape and robbery.

In the USA we have a union of separate states, or did. The original reason for that was because distance erased many similarities in culture. Separate states enabled people of similar tastes to share their culture without oddballs and weirdos interrupting the flow. Those days have long since passed as do gooder busibodies couldn’t resist forcing others to be decent people like themselves. So far in the US such arrangements are not quite a disaster. In Europe where distance is short and cultural differences more extreme, those differences are having larger impacts.

The title “alternativebyfritz” should indicate i’ve made my goal to point out alternative ways of viewing the world to the CNN/Fox braindead automaton meme. Here is the story to which I refer: (the WSJ doesn’t allow links to be used by non-subscribers) and below that is the comment I publish on their site:

Reports of New Year’s Eve Sexual Assaults Feed Into German Debate Over Migrant Crisis

Witnesses describe perpetrators as Middle Eastern-looking men; justice minister cautions against rushing to link migrants with incidents

Scores of women have told police they were sexually assaulted and robbed by Middle Eastern-looking men during the New Year celebrations in the German city of Cologne. Image: Reuters

BERLIN—German officials sought to reassure the public on Tuesday after scores of women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed by what witnesses described as groups of Middle Eastern-looking men during New Year celebrations, fueling a simmering debate about the impact of refugees who have flooded the country in the past year.

Security officials said it was unclear whether the perpetrators were recently arrived migrants. More than one million refugees arrived in Germany last year, mainly from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa.

By Tuesday morning, at least 90 women had reported assaults in Cologne, Germany’s fourth-largest city, on New Year’s Eve, with a quarter of them filing complaints of sexual assault, according to a spokesman for the municipal police.

Similar but fewer incidents were reported in Hamburg and Stuttgart. No arrests have been made.

“What took place that night has never happened in such a form before,” German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said Tuesday. “It’s a new dimension we will have to deal with.”

Police said the women reported small groups of men attacking them among a crowd of around 1,000 people that had gathered in front of the main train station to shoot off fireworks and celebrate the new year.

Women were allegedly cornered by groups of 20 to 30 men, mugged and in some cases sexually assaulted. One woman filed a complaint against an unknown assailant for rape, police officials said.

Numerous witnesses and police described the alleged attackers as appearing to be from the “Arab or North African area,” according to Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers. That description inflamed the continuing debate about the risks of migration changing the face of Germany.

At least one million migrants entered Germany last year, sparking public concerns about how the country would be able to integrate them and official warnings of a risk that criminals or extremists could be among the migrants.

A police car passes the central railway station in Cologne on Tuesday.ENLARGE
A police car passes the central railway station in Cologne on Tuesday. PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS

Police said they had no indication that the presumed perpetrators were refugees or recently arrived migrants, but conservative and right-wing politicians were quick to blame the New Year’s Eve attacks on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-arms policy toward migrants.

The violence is “the consequence of an uncontrolled migration,” Frauke Petry, head of the extreme right party Alternative for Germany, told a Cologne newspaper.

Ms. Merkel labeled the attacks “disgusting” and called for a “hard response from the state of law.”

“Everything must be done to track the attackers and punish them regardless of their origin or background,” the chancellor told the Cologne mayor in a phone call.

The assaults come as Ms. Merkel has come under increased pressure at the start of the year, with conservative allies calling for a limit to migrants entering the country and strict rules for how people should integrate here.

Ms. Merkel has repeatedly defended her migration policy, rejecting calls that Germany take a harder stance against migrants streaming into the country. But public unease has grown.

“Even if some men are used to something different in their home countries: In our country men and woman are equal and share the same rights,” Julia Klöckner, deputy chairwoman of Ms. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union told a German weekly. Ms. Klöckner has called for a law to oblige migrants to commit to integrate once in Germany.

Political leaders in Berlin and Cologne, however, warned not to rush to link migrants with the violent incidents.

“That such a big number of people, apparently with migration background, appear to have committed these attacks represents a new dimension,” said Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière. “But this mustn’t lead to putting refugees who seek protection in our country under a general suspicion.”

Left-of-center leaders also warned against extreme-right groups trying to use the attacks to stir more antiforeigner sentiment, which has been on the rise since the migrants’ arrival.

“Of course these fears have to be taken seriously, but it’s also clear that right-wingers will use this incident for their cause,” said Cem Özdemir, chairman of the opposition Green Party.

In Cologne, Mayor Henriette Reker and police officials said they would step up police patrols and boost video surveillance during big events in the future after police admitted they were overwhelmed on New Year’s Eve.

The assaults took place on the square opposite Cologne’s landmark cathedral, a popular gathering spot, according to Mr. Albers, the police chief. They allegedly occurred after police cleared the square when they found people setting off fireworks into the crowd. It is customary in Germany for people to gather on the streets on New Year’s Eve to shoot fireworks and celebrate.

Mr. Albers said investigators were examining video material to try to identify the suspected attackers.

Ms. Reker said the city would also present new measures to prevent such attacks from happening again. The mayor said the city sought to explain traditions such as its February carnival celebrations to “people from different cultures” to avoid confounding celebratory behavior with a sexual invitation. City officials will also issue guidance for young women on how to behave in potentially dangerous situations.

Hamburg police said they were investigating 10 cases in which young women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve and later discovered that their purses, money or cellphones had been taken from them.

In Stuttgart, a group of 15 men molested two 18-year-olds in a park, also stealing their phones, police said. In both cities the men were described as being of Middle Eastern origin.

A police spokesman in Cologne said investigators were checking whether there was any connection with the incidents in other cities but had found no such evidence at this point.


“It seems too complex but the issue at hand is missed, as usual. Private ownership of guns is, for the most part, prohibited in Germany. The right and left together have formed an unholy alliance where all safety and responsibility are the duty of the state. Regardless of whether the perps were refugees or native born, the women were rendered helpless by the state. The state is the enemy because it doesn’t control the border it is charged to protect and also because it prevents citizens from exercising their natural right to self defense.

Although I’m sure much animosity is due the culturally depraved foreigners, Merkel and the cops deserve more.”

2 responses to “Unhappy New Year, Germany

  1. The corrective path is quite clear here. Mandatory attendance by German females at re-education camps where they can learn how not to present themselves in a manner that provokes violence from migrated Islamic refugees. A simple solution, it seems to me.

    • Laid-off VW employees can work at the camps; especially educating the foxier ones on how to turn off horny jihadists. I suppose a study can be done. Have a panel of Arabs with wires attached that show the excitability of certain types of German foxes. (Use the SNL Steve Martin / Dan Aykroyd) accents here.

      On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 10:58 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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