Fraud goes down. Yeeha!

We hear Chipotle’s sales are dwindling as customers seek healthy alternatives. This is how the market is supposed to work. Hopefully restaurants who don’t demonize their competitors by claiming to be more healthy themselves will move into the empty spaces.

Really. How constipated would you have to be to choose Chipotle Mexican Grill over the mom and pop shop down the street?

3 responses to “Fraud goes down. Yeeha!

  1. We need E.Coli control laws! Each Chipotle Mexican Grill outlet must be required to obtain an E.Coli-Free license at a semi-annual cost of $12,500!

    • Should Norovirus be covered by the same licence? I guess the new gun (?) law (?) will require a huge hiring splurge in DC. Soon everyone will be on the same income level… and on the same level of ambition and intelligence (TSA). We will all be satisfied and happy. It will be wonderful. And we can go to a licenced facility to relieve constipation.

      On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 10:20 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


      • I wait with excited anticipation for the day when our governing royalty (e.g., Queen Valerie II) equalizes wages and salaries and total income for everyone. Affirmative Action was a wonderful benefit to minorities, especially blacks, but imagine, with equal pay, what will happen to those fancy, pretentious doctors and lawyers who make all that money. They will disappear because no one will want to accept the grinding years of schooling required to become good at the practices of medicine and law. There might be fewer of them, but it’s comforting and worth it to note that those left will make no more income than a Walmart greeter. Serves them right!

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