Time for the military to really defend our freedoms

OK you guys (and gals). Read the document you swore to uphold and get it right. Quit listening to those criminals who order you around all the time. Quit killing people who are just trying to get by (even if their culture is a bit strange and even against all you stand for). Quit spewing all those greenhouse gases flying from backward hovel to mud hut.

Your job is right here. Our freedoms are under attack and it isn’t religious freedom, as the warvanglicals will have you believe in their disgusting attempt to channel your efforts into a holy war. It isn’t something a preacher or a book has to explain… really! If you are forced to act against your will it is wrong. It is never necessary to have the state act this way unless it is to punish or protect in response to people acting like the state.

I’m awful close to being so arthritic and tired that if I owned a bakery and this happened to me, guns would be a’blazin’. This has got to stop.

Furthermore, the gay, trans or whatever community should stand against this as well. For one thing, it could come back to haunt them as politics change in the future and for another thing, if they truly wish to have the freedom to be who they are they should wish the same for others.


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