Private Property, My Foot

I was on my way home from another stint ringing the bell for that epitome of public charity, the Salvation Army, when an ad for Bernie Sanders came on the radio. It bragged about his stand against the Bakken Pipeline. His opposition to the pipeline was based on support for action to stem climate change and his claim the pipeline would infringe on “private property rights.”

The climate change issue is, of course, loony nonsense and can be dismissed as democratic socialism at its best. The end goal is obviously equality of living standards  between the doers and the takers.

But the private property stand he takes is so blatantly hypocritical that it shows an insult to the intelligence of voters that screams ELITIST! How could anyone with half a brain believe Bernie Sanders has an once of respect for private property when every promise he makes involves thieving as a way to achieve equality of income?

I agree that eminent domain violates property rights in the worst way, for the common good. Bernie is either disingenuous in his opposition to the pipeline and support for “the common good,” or a liar, or a fool. Is it possible he is all three?

2 responses to “Private Property, My Foot

  1. “Once again , at the last Democrat debate, Bernie Sanders was playing his part to enable Hillary Clinton to pretend to be a victim, a strategy that has worked for her in the past. The newest topic is that she was victimized by Bernie Sanders’ political campaign. Sanders used the debate on December 19 as an opportunity to apologize to her for alleged abuse of her voter information.

    “This is typical Clinton strategy: to commit crimes or violate ethical rules, then refuse to cooperate with investigations, delay them for years, then say there’s nothing there, then lie and deny. Bernie Sanders helped her continue the lying and denying about emails at the first debate, now he’s interjecting a new attempt to rescue her campaign by making her a victim of abuse perpetrated by his campaign.”

    So Bernie’s campaign is a sham and designed to enhance Hillary’s image as a tough debater and campaigner. Just another political farce designed to fool the majority of voters who are a low, and I mean very low, information, group of people who really have no business voting.

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