Economics Illiteracy

Here is a letter from me to the WSJ:

Dearest Editor,

Mark Richardson’s letter (Dec, 15 Journal) regarding “How Wind Farms Blow Away Rights on Real Farms” illustrates the perverted nature of economic thinking today. He calls use of eminent domain “good old-fashioned capitalism,” when it is exactly the opposite.

Capitalism, as coined by Karl Marx, involves private ownership. Eminent domain circumvents private ownership by stealing our property. Capitalism is not theft.

Love, Fritz

Here is Mark’s letter:

Unfortunately Mr. Hurst drags the politics of climate change into his argument against a proposal to build an interstate high-voltage transmission line crossing his state. Mr. Hurst should know climate change isn’t the reason for the $2 billion line because it’s actually investors, some of whom made their money in oil and who are looking to make a buck by moving low-cost wind energy to the East where prices are higher.

Thus it’s good old-fashioned capitalism that is pushing for the power line in a manner not dissimilar to interstate natural-gas pipeline firms which, by the way, have been taking away “rights on real farms” since 1942 when the federal government granted them the right to eminent domain.

Mark Richardson

Hutchinson, Kan.

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