Socialism trounced in Venezuela

The Democratic Union has won more than half the assembly seats in an election that overcame, socialist Hugo Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro’s tight grip on Venezuelan policy.

But as is the case here. no welfare programs will be dismantled. Once again it is proven that opposition to socialism is merely a ploy to attract voters to a cause that is no different than the one being replaced in a “great victory.” Do conservatives really think socialism doesn’t work? Take G.W. Bush, conservative: he further nationalized our socialist education system, he expanded socialist Medicare and he tapped taxpayers to spread $3 trillion of our wealth in futile and damaging to our security programs in the Mideast. He was elected promising limited government. Anyone who actually favored limited government was marginalized and called insane. Take a moment to reflect on those days and see where we are today regarding those “insane” policies.


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