America the Beautiful

I’m not sure why I’m posting this picture but it is just so good of these two guys. They are what they are, both geniuses in their own right. It is people like this who add an edge to, what is sometimes a pretty drab world. Hey guess what, no uniforms. And yet if we are to look around at our world and note what positive influences there are, these guys are what make America great. Uniforms are what made East Germany what it was. East Germany is of note here because that is what is the prevailing goal as a model for future America. Achieving the impossible is the stated goal (total security). But it is turning out to be true we are zooming into an accelerating police state. Not a problem if you’re not doing anything wrong, eh? But history has taught us the long term effect is poverty. If you like security with your poverty, you’re in luck.

Hopefully,the Donald will rethink his insane trade policy ideas before he can establish them. Otherwise the police state meme will dominate.


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