Is it terrorism?

In San Bernadino 14 dead, 17 wounded. And the FBI says the big question will be, “is it terrorism?”

Wow. The English language has become a minefield of dichotomy. Who but a G-man would ask such a question? Well, just about everyone, because as some say to me, you gotta get TV so you know what is going on.

Can anyone really imagine not being terrorized in such a situation? Terrorism is no longer being terrorized, it is being scammed to turn into a helpless blob dependent on a government that doesn’t care. Because if they cared, firearms safety would be taught in school (and the possibility would always exist that a good guy may be present who can limit the damage done by these maniacs). But it won’t be because school is a tool to produce dependence.

Further down in the WPO article was this: “The attack spawned a tense, confusing and terrifying day…” Whadaya know.

We are not safe. We won’t be safe. We can only be prepared for the weirdos that cannot be stopped or predicted. That is the way to stop terrorism, whether it’s terrorism or terrorism. Treating everyone like Jared Fogle because one guy is… uh… like that isn’t going to make us safe, it will only make life not worth protecting.

Hey, FBI guy. You failed at an impossible job.

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