The most important man in Iowa


Jan Mickelson, the talk show host that everyone should listen to if Vin Scully isn’t on, is recovering from a stroke. Thank God. Get back soon Jan. Jeff’s never ending talk about the election of one guy just like the other guy is really getting tiresome.

Actually Jeff Angelo, filling in for Jan, had an interesting accidental topic stealthily come up today. In talking about how the “media” calls the Planned Parenthood shooter sorta a typical pro-life zealot, violent Christian. It made me think, and I’m sure this can be misconstrued but oh well… Do you suppose Muslims are not all jihadists but the belief they are is just too darn profitable to not make small minds like Marco and McCain blahblahblah believe whatever they say to get elected? Or, as Dawn just said, they don’t believe themselves, they just say it to get elected.

Nothing was said in this regard.

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