The Vatican

Well shoot. When you are wrong the messenger needs to be punished. The Vatican arrested two for exposing corruption in the church. Sounds a little like Snowden and Manning. Who else has questioned or exposed authorities and we thought they dissapeared for some other reason. Doesn’t it seem like the corrupt ones should be the ones arrested? Dangerous precedent.

Taking PTSD into account in capital punishment

A study suggests the courts should consider PTSD in sentencing the death penalty. Maybe they should go a bit further. Sending our guys into combat where they don’t belong makes this an issue. Sure, PTSD can occur as the result of a traffic accident or a dog bite. And as a result of poor judgement. But that is why war was intended to be entered only with the approval of congress.

Story with my comments:

The question to ask these workers…

… If you think you can hire fast food workers and pay them $15 per hour and then produce a product affordable to them and keep your business open… Then YOU do it.

Unions are coercion. They are war. And even the small amount of union workers we have today make things unaffordable for average people. So, yeah. Do it… or shut up.–finance.html

Letter to Progressive Farmer Magazine about reading comprehension

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read the letters you published regarding your issue on climate change.

I too am a denier that humans can affect climate, at least without causing widespread poverty. I also view your magazine as generally left of center. But I thought that issue was extremely balanced, in that it provided information useful for dealing with a changing climate, no matter what the cause. Nowhere did I find a promotion of solar power or ridiculous emissions regulations or the like.

My hat’s off to Progressive Farmer and the many readers who read and comprehended that September issue. Great opportunities lie ahead for those who adapt, rather than fight the inevitable.

Love, Fritz Groszkruger

Letter to Iowa Farmer Today on GMO labeling

Dear Editor,

I see that the voting has gone over 75% in favor of mandatory labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in IFT’s weekly poll. I have to wonder what has gotten into a once free and responsible people. What a pitiful country we have become where we act on orders from bureaucrats instead of thinking for ourselves.

But the most tragic thing is the nonsensical notion that we need to be forced to do something that benefits us. If there is such huge demand for non-GMO foods, a niche is provided for those producers that incentivizes non-GMO producers to label those foods themselves.

With the pervasiveness of GMOs today, one would have to assume any food not labeled non-GMO contains GMOs.

Philosopher Herbert Spencer said in 1891, “The ultimate effect of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”

Love, Fritz Groszkruger