Grand coalition

What is it really about Russia and Putin? Is it something like my friend, James, who got sick drinking scotch as a kid and now can’t stand the stuff?

And what is it about ISIS that elicits so much love from so-called patriotic Americans? If you hate snakes, you love rats.

I know several people who would welcome a foreign invasion of the U.S. to depose Ohbombya. But isn’t that our responsibility? I mean, if we have an actual good president we would resent it if France sent their navel sea lions to sneak ashore and slit his throat, eh?

So you want an actual ally? Not some leach country that only does a one way alliance? Look at Russia.

We don’t like the beheadings. We don’t like the raping and pillaging, right. Russia is the ally that would hold up their end on the alliance.

Can’t our government do one thing right?

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