why I would never vote for Ted Cruz

Steve King.

Congressman, Steve King has endorsed Ted Cruz.

Steve King is the most unAmerican of any blowhard phony piece of crap politician ever to fly back and forth from Deviltown to Iowa every week to infect us with his deadgod bs. Mr. “constitutional conservative” doesn’t just tolerate intrusive government, he pushes it with a fervor of a fascivangelist. We lost our way long ago with idolization of Lincoln and FDR. King goes these guys many better. He decries “the liberals” and the democrats and never does anything to eliminate their destructive welfare state. Instead, he adds to it with a totalitarian domestic and international welfare state that leaves individuals savoring the tiny bits of liberty he overlooks. Ted Cruz has some good soundbites. That’s about it. If Jesus were still in his grave, I imagine he would be turning over in horror at the filth that comes from the mouths of the people who wear him on their sleeves.gettyimages-462071578-640x480

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