The Grizz

I don’t know how long it has been on but Morry “Grizz” Taylor has a radio show. The things you learn when the radio is company at odd hours.

Taylor is the man behind Titan Tire, one of the great stories of entrepreneurialism. They even bought Goodyear’s farm tire division and are pioneering low profile ag tires.

The Grizz ran for president once and so he has a lot in common with The Donald. He is brash and self confident.

On his show tonight he said the Iranian people have been “under a thumb” for years. His playmate on the show said, “yeah, since 1978.” That’s the trouble with democracy. If the majority is ignorant, we all suffer. 1978 was the year the Iranians threw out the Western puppet, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, The Shah. Western powers orchestrated a coup to unseat, duly elected Mohammad Mosaddegh to gain access to Iranian oil. It is more truthful to say Iranians were under the thumb of The Shah. They elected Mosaddegh.

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