St Louis Cardinals

Well, they lost to the Cubs.
Such is life. For the people who don’t like baseball here is a quote from the comments section of WSJ online about an article describing the relationship between Cards fans and the team.
There was a seat in the right field bleachers at the old Sportsman’s Park that had been broken by a Babe Ruth home run and never repaired. My grandfather had gone to Cardinal games before WW1, and my mother remembered the Grand Avenue streetcar being stopped in its tracks by the crowds that filled the street after the last out of the 1926 World Series. She was 15 on her way home from school and had no idea what it meant that Babe Ruth was thrown out trying to steal second or that Alexander had struck out the Yankee’s famous Murderer’s Row to save the game and the series, but she remembered forever the joyous clanging of the trolley bell and people cheering from open windows all along the Avenue. There is a feel for local history that is captured in the faces of the old ball players, in their uniforms and in the stills in black and white of long gone summer days. A sports team is more than one thing, but for the Cardinals one of them is surely a measure of the local flow of time.

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