This is nothing like the Persians but…
We had to move the cattle to new grass down and across the road. We call Donna to park her car south of the little bridge over the ditch. We get the cattle bunched up at the gate so there are no stragglers. Then away we go out the driveway and down the road.
If calves get left behind it is terrible getting them back with the herd.

(Unless we just forget about it and let them find their own way someday. Once we had a big flood and couldn’t find one calf to move with the rest. That was a Wednesday. The next Sunday there she was sucking on her mom like it was her first meal in four days. Imagine that.)

Well. We were all bunched up and ready to go. The cows started out the driveway. Two bulls started fighting and a dozen calves went the opposite way. Wally broke up the fight and brought the calves back.

He loves us so.

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