Physical Therapy rip-off

Dawnie went to the doctor about her sore shoulder. She was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. He said try physical therapy. So she did. Many times she asked several different people how much it cost. Never got a straight answer. Her therapist was shocked to discover we had $5000 deductible. We just got a bill for $2000. Obviously the charge was high because the therapist thought it was covered by insurance; “nobody” was paying.

Is it such a mystery why medical care is so expensive? Too much system, not enough supply and demand.

If we had known we would be charged the same as “nobody,” we would have taken notes and done it ourselves. Thieves are way too comfortable in this world.

2 responses to “Physical Therapy rip-off

  1. Physical therapy is a rip off. I refuse to go anymore. Most of is contingent on what insurance will pay and how much you are willing to pay on top of that. Most moderate aches and pains can be addressed at home with simple everyday exercises. If you wanted to get technical your general Dr. could provide you with a print out of the exercises (they r that simple) plus a rubber band to do them with.

  2. Thanks, Lori.
    The insurance industry, linked to group plans isolates our decisions. This started in FDR’s time and was accelerated by Nixon with his wage and price controls to combat inflation. The lack of individual choice mirrors the extreme version in socialized medicine advocated to address high medical care costs today. Yet the move away from individual relationships is at the root of the high costs.

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