Patriot’s Day

On the calendar, it says Patriot’s Day. But I think it is really Sucker’s Day.
Fourteen years ago, Osama bin Laden alledgedly orchestrated the famous attack on America. Although no proof was arrived at in a court of law, bin Laden who supposedly hates America, played us for suckers. We are led to believe that bin Laden’s damage was some buildings, some airplanes, and 3,000 lives. But with the collaboration of the military/industrial complex, three trillion dollars was removed by our own government from a private sector that is the backbone of our prosperity and 5,000 servicemen were sent to their deaths. The slow death of what makes America stand out is also a product of the Neo-con government we allow, freedom. How many people know that our records and computers can now be searched without a warrant?

One response to “Patriot’s Day

  1. Never let a crisis go to waste. It appears the Democrats learned this from the Republicans.

    But seriously, “allegedly” orchestrated . . . ?? I suppose 9-11 was an inside job and arranged by the members of the Military Industrial Complex, like the moon landing was a staged affair made by a Hollywood production studio. Sure . . .

    bin Laden didn’t hate America, but he knew that much of Sunni Islam did hate the U.S. bin Laden wanted to unite the Arab nations in a battle royal with the infidels and he knew that Bush and the U.S. would retaliate in a big way for the attacks by the 19-hijackers, which would spark a unification of Arab states in the Middle East against the Great Satan. And Bush did launch an invasion, in fact, more than one — but he attacked countries that had nothing to do with the 9-11 attack and Iraq was a Shiite majority population, not Sunni. So no Arab State unification occurred and bin Laden essentially failed in achieving his ultimate objective because the Bush neocons went after the wrong countries.

    Where is the “court of law” proof that 9-11 was something other than a fanatical, one-off aggression (which I stated at the time that there would be no follow-up attacks and this was a lucky one-of-a-kind strike), a Sunni Arab attack on the Great Satan to impress and unite the Sunni Arab world?

    So Patriots Day is really a celebration honoring the military industrial complex?? Interesting take . . . but a bit over-the-top, maybe?

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