Ben Carson had a favorable editorial in the weekend Wall Street Journal. Oh man how I’d love to hold him to this statement”Government will bankrupt itself if it considers itself a savior.” American exceptionalism will rear its ugly head again. Israel is worth saving, right? So, what? Print more. Come on folks let’s cut the exceptions. Let’s be principled.

Tell me that not mentioned in this article, Ben won’t saddle Americans with the saving of Israel, thus perpetuating profits for the defense [sic] industry.

2 responses to “Bankrupt

  1. Carson has two claims to fame: 1) He is a black man with an M.D. degree, and 2) He separated twins conjoined at the head.

    His views on other topics are those of someone terribly under-informed and naïve. For example, he doesn’t believe in evolution, but his reasons for his disbelief clearly show that he doesn’t understand natural selection and evolution, even in a general manner.

    His transient popularity is merely a symptom of the voters’ dislike for all the other candidates, Bozos all of them. Carson is an unknown who talks a simplistic, very generalized form of Conservatism (see his website) — but I’m not sure he, nor anyone today, understands what Conservative ideology is all about. For example, the courts and media have negated the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and, in some cases, the rule of law. What is there left in America to “conserve”?

    • I looked at his website because of your message. His foreign policy positions are a carbon copy of everything that has ever made the US vulnerable to dangers from outside our borders. If we treat the rest of the world in an aggressive manner we should expect to be treated that way in return. He pbviously has little knowledge about Russia’s relations in their part of the world and his support for Israel is close to treasonous. Besides all that, what if says something like gays choose to be that way, in the case where it happens to be an important issue. There’s got to be someone that has their act together and their principles too. Who is it?

      On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 10:22 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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