Had a chance to hear some of Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday. There was a guy analyzing the presidential race. Pretty bizarre. One caller brought up Trump’s promise to tax imports at 35% and the effect of that on consumers. Sean said we just gotta fight back. The caller said, “well yeah.”

Then it occurred to me. He has to cater to the demographics of his audience. The fools who believe what is said on there. Advertisers include a product that promises to clean rotten food and toxic waste from our bloated bellies and Andro400, which will make us all real men.

Well. There you go.

2 responses to “Demographics

  1. Hannity is an entertainer, first and foremost. Too bad he has a predominately low-information, critical thinking challenged array of faithful listeners who actually buy-in to all his silliness. But then, that’s show-biz.

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