Ohbombya targets

So targeting police is “completely unacceptable,” eh?
The uniform is the line we must not cross. The good ol’ USA is not a secular nation it is very religious. We are now to worship uniforms. The way to be a religious nation without crossing the church and state nonsense is to create a new religion without ethereal players. Cops and military personnel fit the bill and keep the sheeple on their knees.


One response to “Ohbombya targets

  1. Well, I guess if one extreme gets so much media attention, that is, “[only] black lives matter” and the police are all closet racists hell-bent on the annihilation of the black man, then why not the opposing extreme of the “police are our friends and our protectors,” and we should exhibit a sort of devotion to the ground on which these uniformed defenders of the public against criminal violence walk (or drive)?

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