Not on Fox, CNN, WNBC…

Neil Young says a man needs a maid. Our masters in DC need a villain. Here’s one:

Just look at the EU. Look at Ohbombya, Trump, Huckabee and so-on.
Why would the people of Ukraine vote to align with Russia (since deposed by a US supported coup)? Why would Crimea vote to align with Russia?
Come to think of it, can we vote instead of for Clinton, Jeb, Sanders and the rest of the circus, to align with Putin? Look at the numbers. Compare with your own research.

2 responses to “Not on Fox, CNN, WNBC…

  1. Putin’s fame is mostly attributable to Russia’s oil and nat. gas. Don’t know date of this poll, but wonder how Putin is faring in popularity nowadays with oil and gas prices in the toilet for that last few months and for the foreseeable future?

    • Yep. The market is much bigger than politics. Too bad “we” can’t accept that as a guide to human action instead of futilely fighting it all the time.

      On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 9:22 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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