Sam Clovis, insane?

Sam is one of my very favorite public figures. He was campaigning for Rick Perry until yesterday when he took a job with Trump.
Sam has had a strict (in his opinion) focus on the Constitution as a guide for federal policy. In the case of military issues, of course, the Constitution is “just a damn piece of paper.”

The question I would ask Sam, if I were important enough to gain an audience, is do you believe Trump has changed enough to suit your “conservative” standards? Here he is on GW’s invasion of Iraq:

He contributed to Hillary in the past and he now calls that a business deal. He favored universal health care and other leftist policies.

I could vote for Trump on the mere fact he recognized Bush’s war as a stupid evil thing. Maybe that logical and moral thinking will cause him to rethink other issues where he is,uh, lame.

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