Letter to my statehouse Representative

Linda Upmeyer wrote, in her weekly column in the Hampton Chronicle, promoting “a modest set of incentives” for high speed internet in rural areas. I think the quality of life of rural living is worth the added cost for our internet and if someone wants high speed internet that is unaffordable in the country they can let their bodies clutter up an urban landscape instead of making it noisy here.

Besides that, Linda knows satellite internet is plenty fast enough for $55 per month and only falters when an intense thunderstorm passes by (time enough for a potty break).

So I sent her this note (with some parts easily understood with a little imagination at the context):


I appreciate your invitation for your constituents to give input on your column.

I will continue to advocate against theft and for individual responsibility no matter how unpopular it might be.

The reason businesses and individuals should pay their own way is that that is the best way to delegate the utilization of scarce resources. All resources are scarce and that scarcity is measured by aggregate individual choice based on personal need weighed against other ways that money may be spent. Public spending to benefit private parties at the expense of its victims produces waste that is spread among those least likely to afford it.

This is too complicated so I’m afraid we are stuck with the Soviet model. Too bad. There was a lot of potential.

Have fun playing with your grandchildren. They face an uncertain future because of Hillary’s famous “practicality over idealism.”


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