Too late to mail to the Journal

OK. I don’t know how to copy and post this amazing picture. Maybe the link will work:
Here is an example of how the journal thinks men should look. And elsewhere in this last weekend’s edition is a story about “military officials” being puzzled about security at military installations. Well that’s just fine.

They want men to dress up like little girls, ask the state for permission to marry, wait for their retirement to be furnished, education, medical care, a licence for every occupation and project; and they prevent people specifically trained in the use of firearms from carrying them around so they are sitting ducks for the people they have inspired to hate and kill them through their adventures in making the world a better place.

Here is a good example where an insanity plea fits perfectly. This is an insane world. No one held responsible for anything. The buck stops at a faceless blob of excuse ridden bureaucracy, funded from nowhere by no one so there is no recourse, no gratitude.

The killing continues, the dependence grows. Idiocracy will soon be surpassed as emblematic of the terror of our grandchildrens’ future.

Heaven help us.

2 responses to “Too late to mail to the Journal

  1. “Heaven help us.” Where has heaven been for the decades that this process of no personal responsibility, no accountability, government is the new religion been developing?

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